Ice Fishing…..A Cool Sport

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Ice Fishing Is A Cool Sport (Sometimes Freezing)

In the winter months, for many sportsmen, a popular activity is ice fishing.

Although it might not appeal to all, many fisherman actually prefer fishing
through the ice to open-water fishing. For one thing, anglers can get just about anywhere on the lake during the ice fishing season. It’s something they can do without a boat,
Virtually every fish that’s available to anglers in the summer can be caught through the
ice – some are even caught more frequently in the winter.

Once you’ve spent a some  time on the ice, you’ll soon see a different picture. Ice fishing is more than just a way to fill the long days of winter. It’s a chance to breathe the cold, clean winter air, to spend quiet time outdoors with family and friends, and to relax and collect one’s thoughts away from the hustle and bustle of a busy world.
Just walking on the ice can be a unique experience, especially when no snow obscures the view of the water below. However, as with any outdoor activity, safety should be your top concern.
When it comes to ice safety, you should steer clear of dark spots or places where the snow looks discolored.

Some rules to follow:

1. Never fish alone.

2. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

3. Always test the ice with a spud (described later).

4. Take the appropriate emergency items, such as a life jacket and ice picks, and take a cell phone with
you in case you need to call for help.

5. Dress in your warmest winter clothes; fill a thermos with
hot coffee, chocolate or tea; and bring an empty bucket or old lawn chair to sit on.

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