1. Use 2 or 4 LB test Line

Most bluegill are very small, and the lures you’ll use to catch them are lightweight. Using your standard bass fishing line will make it nearly impossible to cast your tiny bluegill lures where you want them. I suggest 2-pound or 4-pound line.

2. An Ultra-light Rod is a must!

3. Learn To Read The Water 

Look for things such as weeds and bugs. Those are the spots that bluegill like to feed in or hide in. If you can actually spot the bluegill themselves, you’ll have an even easier time catching them.

4. Don’t Set The Hook Too Hard

If you yank you rod to hard, you’ll probably rip the hook right through their lip. Not only is that cruel, but you won’t be able to catch the fish. A quick twitch of your rod will set the hook.

5. Use Small Sized Hooks

A bluegills mouth is right next to their face, and they’re short. If you use a long hook, instead of piercing the lip of the bluegill, you’ll probably send it through its brains or eyes, and there is no saving the fish after that.

Note: There are as many articles about bluegill fishing as there are bluegills, so just have fun and remember not to take things to seriously, as life is too short!

Thanks for looking….. Good Luck!