Lake Michigan Kayak Fishing

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Imagekayak fishing is becoming a fun and exciting way to fish for Salmon and trout on Lake Michigan!

Watch it! A monster King just might might pull you in!

Many times while fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan,  just outside the channel of Burns Ditch Indiana, I have seen Kayaks on the water. Some were fishing and others just enjoying being on the water paddling along as if they had someplace to go. Even on calm days, which is rare on the big pond, I can not understand why anyone in their right mind would want to take such an unstable, small craft on Lake Michigan, or any one of the Great Lakes! But that’s me! I’ve been trolling on  the Great lakes for over forty years with a 16′ deep v aluminum boat.

This is the long and short of Kayak fishing and boating:

The period of apprenticeship to transform a novice boat handler into a veteran kayak fisherman can be discouraging, dangerous and often runs into many months. In the beginning, no one should go out on any body of water by themselves. In addition, always let people know where you are at all times with some sort of communication device.

History has it that even in the early times; kayak fishing has long been the primary source of fish supply ranging from the “flatfish halibut” to other kinds of big fish. These activities, which happened from the mid 18th Century until the late part of it, were all noted by the Russian Orthodox priests. These turn of events are now known as “The Native History”.

From then on, kayak fishing continued to dominate the fishing industry, where once, people were doubtful if it could really aid the anglers to catch some fish. The steady feature brought about by its “sit-on” type has long been the primary characteristics of kayaks that made it an ideal fishing boat on small inland lakes or rivers.

I personally feel that fishing on any large body of water is too risky for the average fisherman, but here again, that’s me!

Good Luck…..Thanks for looking!

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