Lake Vermilion Minn…..Fisherman’s Paradise

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40,000 acres, 1,200 miles of shoreline and 365 islands!
Lake Vermilion, Minnesota is indeed a fisherman’s paradise…..
Long renowned for its  walleye , northern, bass, bluegills and crappie.  Offering a trophy potential in each species.
Lake Vermilion is also recognized as Minnesota’s new and untapped musky fishing resource. No doubt a sure fire lake to bag a trophy Musky!

Lake Vermilion’s countless bays and inlets and 365 islands provide solitude and protection from wind and weather in virtually and condition. In addition, the enormous amount of fish holding structure disperses fish and fishermen throughout Vermilion. 

Whether your planning a family fishing vacation, a guys or gals fishing trip, or a tournament walleye hunter there are extensive boat rental, conscientious harbor/dock service, tackle shop, live bait, gas, fish cleaning, highly experienced guide services and even weekly fishing seminars.

Take from me, Lake Vermilion is the ultimate Walleye lake…. or at least it was in 1957.

Back in the day, a friend his family and I spent a week in one of their cabins. Not only did we limit out every day on 2-4 LB Walleyes, but we caught a couple of legal sized muskies, which we through back. There was never a problem with heavy winds on this lake, with all the in-lets, bays and protected shore lines and islands.

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