Largemouth Bass

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Common Names are:Largemouth bass, hughmouth bass, black bass, bucketmouth, green bass, largemouth black bass and mossback.

What would your typical weekend fisherman fish for, if he did not have the largemouth  to fish for? Maybe crappies, bluegills or even the fighting CARP? I guess it depends on whether or not he is fishing for the fun, or for food, or maybe both.

When you hear “BASS”, the first things that come to mind are probably lily pads, reeds, fallen trees and stumps. I personally think of warm weather and air pressure, as smaller largemouth bass are not difficult to catch if conditions are right.

When water temps reach 62 to 68 degrees, largemouths start to spawn. Soon after spawning, they move to warm water bays, when they become the most sought after freshwater game fish anywhere in America. A slight change in temperature whether the fish will feed aggressively or remain in a neutral frame of mind.

Largemouth bass average 1 to 3 pounds, although many trophy fish are landed every year. There many ways to catch the popular fish. Early and on cooler days live bait is the best bet. They love night crawlers (worms) frogs and crayfish.

Note: Your best bet for a trophy largemouth is Cemetary ponds, golf course ponds and ponds next to residential rental buildings….That’s if you don’t get kicked out 1st!

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