Saint Joe Fishing Regulations

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Here are the special regulations fishing the St.Joe River and its tributaries from Twin Branch Dam in Mishawaka, downstream to the Michigan State Line:

Minimum size for trout and salmon is 14 inches.

No fishing is allowed at any time in the East Race Waterway in South Bend.

No fishing is allowed within 100 feet of the entrance and exit of the East Race.

No fishing is allowed at any time from the fish ladders located on the South Bend or Mishawaka Central Park dams.

No fishing is allowed within 100 feet of the entrances and exits of the fish ladders.

No fishing is allowed by boat or other watercraft in the St. Joseph River below the South Bend Dam for a distance of 200 feet, and from the Mishawaka Central Park Dam downstream to the Main Street bridge, Mishawaka.

Hook Regulations In the waters including Lake Michigan tributaries, and the St. Joseph River and its tributary streams from the Twin Branch Dam downstream to the Michigan state line (St. Joseph County) are as follows: One may not fish with more than one single hook per line or one artificial lure. Single hooks, including those on artificial lures, cannot exceed ½ inch from point to shank. Double and treble hooks are only allowed on artificial lures and shall not exceed ⅜ inch from point to shank.

Please be mindful of these special regulations…..If ignored and you are caught, you will not be happy with Michigan’s DNR.

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