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Freshwater Jaws

Back in the day, up in the Ontario bush a contest for the “weirdest-lure was won by a person that caught an eight-pound Northern Pike on a red toothbrush with a treble hook! Sort of tells you that a Northern Pike can and will hit just about anything you want to throw! Don’t think for one minute that a trophy Northern pike is that easy to catch!  A twenty pound  ‘Jack’ can be a task that is only equaled by capturing a thirty pound Musky. The two […]

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MUSKY SABASKONG BAY- Lake Of The Woods, Canada

Home of my whopper! A trip to remember….. Lake of the Woods Canada is a tremendous body of water, covering roughly 951,300 acres. There are over 14,000 islands scattered about the lake and about 52,000 miles of shoreline to cast! King Island is located on Sabaskong Bay, on the east side of Lake of the Woods. Sabaskong Bay offers a safe haven, with many bays and hundreds of islands of all shapes and sizes. You can always find safe water here to fish, no matter how hard […]

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