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CPR (Catch-Picture-Release)

Let’s all do our part as a true sportsmen to help MUSKY live to fight another day! Choose lines and equipment that will bring fish in quickly, so they don’t exhaust all their energy in a prolonged battle. Use artificial lures over live bait. Fish that hit artificial baits are less likely to be hooked deeply enough to damage vital organs and have a high survival rate. Prepare for easy release by squeezing hook barbs flat with pliers or filing them off. Hooks without barbs won’t cost […]

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Fishing With The Kids

A WORD TO THE WISE! Things I learned when I took my Grand Kids fishing; It’s best not to get up to early or stay to late. It’s better to end the day with the kids wanting to continue, rather than having them go home too tired. Make sure you pick a fishing spot that holds plenty of fish. Kids gets bored fast if there is little or no action. If they have a bad experience at first, it may dampen the idea of going fishing again. […]

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Codes Of Conduct

There are two types of fisherman:  Those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish! Although, I don’t consider snagging as fishing! Many try to justify  snagging by  saying that spawning salmon are going to die anyway. That is true,  but the  SPAWN also dies with the fish!.  We need to preserve our future crop of salmon so we can enjoy the fight and natural beauty of a strong salmon run. Plus it makes the fish very line shy and less likely to actually bite. […]

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