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If you have avoided fishing with dipsy divers, then you are missing out on a lot of good fishing. The dipsy diver enables you to get your lures into the strike zone, by allowing you to go deep and it works as a side planer enabling you to run lures off to the sides of the boat, thus locating fish that have spooked away because of the boat shadow and motor noise. My choice of all methods possible is using Planer boards….That’s a subject of it’s own […]

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Salmon & Trout Trolling Flies

Shown is a typical Trolling Fly & a Spin Doctor In  most novice fisherman minds, the words “trolling”and “flies” don’t seem to fit together in the same sentence. However,truth be told! Trolling flies behind a flasher, dodger or spin-doctor is a very effective way to hook up with a trophy sized Salmon or Trout. Trolling Flies are exactly what the name implies: Artificial flies created specifically to be submerged in water and trolled at varying depths presented to fish as a moving meal. The difference, in case you […]

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