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Catching Coho Salmon

Casting For Salmon (Coho)  If coho are tucked tight to shore, then the best approach is casting from the bank. Be sure to cast beyond the fish and reel just fast enough to get the plug within a few inches of the bottom, without getting hung in the rocks. My favorite all-around plug for casting for cohos is the Mag Lip 4.5. The 3.5 size also works wonders, and last fall I heard of many people loving the 3.0 for casting in smaller, clear, coastal streams. Wrap […]

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Spring Coho (The Wild One)

Just after the ice is out in late Winter, and the waters of southern Lake Michigan warm up,  thousands of  Salmon fisherman swarm to the ports of Indiana to troll the shore lines for the “Wild One!, ”  too experience  more fun, excitement and confusion than a power outage at a three ring surface!  Fishing rods go off two and three at a time. Anglers holler, “fish on” while passing rods over and under each other to avoid tangles! If everything goes right, the result is a cooler […]

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