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Lots of weird stuff happens after dark. Musky hunters run over logs. scare off skinny dippers, hook bats, step off the end of docks, pour coffee in their laps, and once in a while and on rare occasion, actually catch a legal musky. Since catching fish only takes about 2% of their time and all other stuff takes about 98%, most musky hunters adjust their tackle and techniques for night conditions. Happily for those of you that have to work for a living, the best fishing times […]

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U.S.A Calendar Periods

The Calendar Periods The Calendar divides the fishing year into 10 periods of fish response. These Calendar Periods are at the mercy of Mother Nature, so there is no certain number of days, nor do they occur on specific dates each year. Since Calendar Periods depend on climate and water conditions, they will vary in length from year to year depending on weather trends. Calendar Periods could last a few days one year and last several weeks the next year. As you might have guessed, Calendar Periods […]

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