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Danger! Thin Ice Safety

 Emergency Self Rescue – The 1-10-1 principle. Despite what most of you may think sudden immersion into icy water will NOT send you immediately into hypothermia and self rescue IS possible.  Dr. Gorden Giesbrect, a specialist in cold water immersion at the University of Manitoba summarizes what happens to us when we take the plunge through his 1-10-1 principle. 1 – You have ONE MINUTE to get your breathing under control.  When suddenly submerged the body experiences what is known as the cold water gasp reflex.  Involuntary gasping can […]

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Ice Fishing…..A Cool Sport

Ice Fishing Is A Cool Sport (Sometimes Freezing) In the winter months, for many sportsmen, a popular activity is ice fishing. Although it might not appeal to all, many fisherman actually prefer fishing through the ice to open-water fishing. For one thing, anglers can get just about anywhere on the lake during the ice fishing season. It’s something they can do without a boat, Virtually every fish that’s available to anglers in the summer can be caught through the ice – some are even caught more frequently in the […]

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