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Kicked In The Ice Hole

If it is your first time ice fishing, there are a few things you should know. First of all, do not go out and buy anything quite yet! A spinning rod and reel will  do fine for starters.  I have known some that thought they would like to try ICE FISHING, only to find that they just could not adapt to the conditions on the ice. However, as is the case with most fisherman, they feel compelled  to go out & buy everything in sight that they have […]

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Danger! Thin Ice Safety

 Emergency Self Rescue – The 1-10-1 principle. Despite what most of you may think sudden immersion into icy water will NOT send you immediately into hypothermia and self rescue IS possible.  Dr. Gorden Giesbrect, a specialist in cold water immersion at the University of Manitoba summarizes what happens to us when we take the plunge through his 1-10-1 principle. 1 – You have ONE MINUTE to get your breathing under control.  When suddenly submerged the body experiences what is known as the cold water gasp reflex.  Involuntary gasping can […]

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