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VENICE IS IN A WORLD OF ITS OWN! One of very few places in the world that you can catch Tuna and Mako shark year around. Here’s the deal down there: Venice is the furthest south you can go down the Mississippi delta (70 miles south of new Orleans). From there its another 26-30 miles just to get out of the river then to the tuna. It’s 6-50 miles more each way. Your best chance for big tuna (100+) is in the winter, but winter is also […]

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Gigantic Mako Shark Caught

Good Lord! I’m glad this  gigantic shark was not caught in one of the GREAT LAKES! A sport-fisherman reeled in a huge Mako shark off the Southern California coast that tipped scales and threatened records. But conservationists criticized the catch, saying shark populations are vulnerable to overfishing worldwide. The female shark caught Monday off Huntington Beach weighed in at just over 1,323 pounds. It was 11 feet long and measured 8 feet around its thick midsection, said Kent Williams, a California-certified fish weight master and owner of […]

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