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WISCONSIN: The number one spot for muskies…..in the World! Most people agree and recognize that the State of Wisconsin has many noteworthy attractions, including its vast natural forests, interesting wildlife, cool dairy farms, friendly corner taverns, the Green Bay Packers, and the fabulous Door county, Peninsula!   Muskies can be found in more than 700 lakes, totaling at least 420,00 acres. That does not include the flowages, and rivers in every part of the State. Most authorities say this is enough reason to call Wisconsin the number one […]

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Musky Fever

Of all the fish that roam the fresh waters of the continent, the mighty Muskellunge has been the center of more ridicule, scorn, praise, dogged determination and “DISEASE” than any other species. The “DISEASE” is continuously diagnosed as ” MUSKY FEVER, and, brother, when you contact it, you’ve had it—usually for life.” There has been so much written about Musky fishing, you could fill a semi truck with it! Some is just hype or myth, some straight out lies and a whole lot of good publications written […]

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