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Trolling For Walleye

Trolling For Walleye: 6 Useful Tips: Trolling is a key technique for finding the fish. In fact, It’s always recommended that walleye fishermen start off trolling, especially if they are fishing unfamiliar areas. Here are (6) tips for getting the most success on each trolling run: Rod Holders – It is important to have your boat fitted out with dependable rod holders. Do not go with the cheap types that basically use Velcro to hold them in place. These can lead to a loss of rod and […]

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Eye For An Eye Walleye

It’s no secret that jigs work on Walleyes. But read on for a system that is simply deadly on Spring Walleyes no matter where you fish! “There are two types of fisherman-those who fish for sport and those who fish for food.” Most walleye fisherman do both! That includes me! There are probably more articles written about walleye fishing than there are walleyes!!  This article will be nothing new to most walleye fisherman, but for some it might help a little….. Walleye, walleyed pike, eye, marble eye, […]

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